How A Business Card Is Saving Lives

It’s not often that someone gives you a business card that has the ability to save a life, but when Lou Figueroa hands you one of his, the chances of being involved in a drug facilitated crime are a lot less likely to occur.

Figueroa, an inspirational speaker and the founder of Guard Your knows this story all too well.  A victim of a tampered drink himself Figueroa explains “Many people think they are immune to these types of crimes, however, popular club drugs like GHB and Ketamine are being used in combination with alcohol to make a lethal cocktail that is likely to cause you to become unaware of your surroundings — leaving no trace of the crime.

“We often go out with friends to celebrate and enjoy good times but after a few drinks we tend to let our guards down. This is when most people become vulnerable to a drug facilitated crime,” says Figueroa.

The effects take place quickly, happening within 20 minutes of being ingested into the body. The victim often encounters the substance through a beverage, becoming disoriented and unaware of their surroundings. The person will experience such symptoms as feelings of euphoria, lowered ambitions, increased sex drive, memory loss, drowsiness and clumsiness.  These are tell-tail signs and important to recognize in any circumstance; never to be taken lightly. The phrase drug facilitated crime became more popular when these ‘club drugs’ entered social settings like concerts, parties and night clubs.  According to a survey conducted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services, nearly 15,000 people were admitted to emergency rooms after being drugged by another person. In most circumstances the victim knew and trusted the assailant. The crimes are seldom reported due to lack of evidence and fear of embarrassment.

Accountability and Awareness

As the times change, our mindsets must change too. Popular phone applications like ‘FindMyDrunkFriends’ and ‘DrunkMode’ allow a user to track their friend’s movement when partying in locations where bar-hopping is likely.  The applications will allow the user to locate their friends by activating a bread crumb style map, pinpointing the location of their lost drunk friends. Using technology tools and finding other people with drink safety mindsets will ensure you and your friends make it home safely.


Across America college campuses are focusing on alcohol awareness and campus safety. Substance abuse prevention programs and drink safety seminars are conducted to encourage college students to protect their drinks and stay alert.

New products are helping to guard people from drug facilitated crimes.  Coasters and kits have the ability to test drinks for hidden drugs giving the user real time results to let them know if their drink has been compromised. The coaster also acts as drink cover and deterrent with the words “This is NOT your drink”.

Drink Coaster

Figueroa encourages students to carry the test kits and coasters to social settings. If the person happens to leave their drink unattended or feels suspect that a drink has been tampered with, the user has the ability to test the drink for hidden substances.

By simply sampling the drink in question with a straw or stirrer the user places a drop onto the test pad. If the drink has been compromised the test pads turn to blue.

“We never think something like this can happen to us, but the reality is, it can happen to anyone,” says Lou Figueroa.

For more information and to order test kits and coasters for friends and family visit

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Lou Figueroa – Train Accident Survivor & Inspirational Speaker


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