Work-Life-Balance Seminars

Create a Healthy Balance Between Life, Work, and Family 

In this one-hour seminar, Lou Figueroa shares the importance of rest, relaxation, and wellness. Lou explains his journey of healing through nature following a life-changing event resulting in the loss of both legs.  His travels have taken him worldwide exploring botanical gardens, national parks, and inspirational landscapes. Attendees will learn techniques for coping with stress by removing negative thought patterns and creating a healthy balance between life, work, and family. Lou teaches executives how to hit the reset button to clear the mental clutter.

Key Learning Objectives

After the presentation, participants will be able to:

  • Apply basic principles to establish a healthy work-life balance mindset.
  • Recognize opportunities for mental health and wellness in the home and workplace.
  • Create a personal plan to improve self-care and quality of life.

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