Taking Time to Reset

I often meet busy executives who say they wish they had a better quality of life.  They are so busy working for their organizations that their personal lives become unmanageable leaving them with an empty feeling inside.

Replying to the question “Hey, How are you doing”? usually draws a response of  “I’m so overwhelmed with work that I have little or no  time for family or a personal life”.

There’s no doubt that the job of an executive requires balancing demands and implementing change effectively, however, balance in life should never be elusive. It takes a creative approach and a willingness to accept change into your life. Most people struggle with the idea of putting the workload aside and finding their “Reset Button” in life.

 What is a Mental Reset?

Hitting your mental reset button is the concept of deleting all of the mental clutter and starting fresh with a new mindset. Here are a few tips to achieve a healthy work life balance:

• Take time to reset and discover a place to breathe with intent.  Use this time to create new ideas and identify the things that are holding you back.  An inspirational landscape like a river or botanical garden can provide you with a place to think creatively and will give you the ability to create a vision for what you want out of life.
• Identify your mission and purpose and start living your dreams with passion.  Living with purpose will give you a real sense of accomplishment.  Avoid letting doubts and fears stop you from progressing. Remember that failure is not the opposite of success… it is simply a building block to reach your successes.
• Learn to implement change effectively and you will see the world in a whole new light.  Try using sustainable patching to overcome bad patterns and addictions in your life.  Take a negative thought pattern that you are having and reprogram yourself for success.  The idea of patching your thoughts will allow you overcome those feelings of doubts and fear.  The best way to patch your thoughts is to identify the feeling associated with your negative thought and replace it with a positive feeling or emotion and an image to associate it with.  By mentally reprogramming your way of thinking, you will see great potential to overcome any negativity in your life.

Using these techniques will allow you to get back to a balanced state of mind. Remember that when we deprive ourselves from rest and relaxation, our family and business are likely to suffer.  Don’t let the stresses of life bring you down.


Lou Figueroa is a speaker based out of Southern California.  He specializes in work life balance and helping people achieve mental wellness.  To learn more about the Reset Button visit

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