Rewiring Yourself For Success

How To Find Your Reset Button

In today’s busy world it seems that more and more people are finding it difficult to maintain a healthy work-life-balance, however there are ways to implement quality into your day.

Start by analyzing your schedule and look for times that are available.  You will want to find at least 15 minutes to dedicate to personal time.  At a minimum, select one day of the week and commit to blocking this time out by doing something that slows your pace.

Practice focusing on a desired vision or your passion.  If you are having difficulty finding purpose in life, take yourself to a powerful setting like an inspirational landscape or a place that you can see far off into the distance.  These types of settings will help you in the visionary process.

Kaanapali, Maui

“True balance comes from being mentally, physically and emotionally balanced.  When you are aligned in these areas of your life, only then will you be able to walk with intent and live with meaningful purpose.”                                            – Lou Figueroa

Next you will want to focus on breathing with intent.  Start by exhaling any negative thoughts or doubts that you may be having and inhaling positive affirmations that you see in your surroundings.  Soon you’ll slow and control your rapid heartbeat. Breathing with intent will allow you to overcome anxiety and fears and bring you back to a balanced state of mind.

Sustainable Patching

Learning how to use sustainable patching will help you to overcome doubts and fears by reprogramming your way of thinking. Many of us struggle with bad habits and substance abuse that bog us down and cause us to be ineffective.

Using the patching process will help to remove these patterns of abuse.  Start by taking a negative thought and replacing it with a positive affirmation or image.  Soon you will reprogram your mind with the better thought by repetition.  In most cases it will take 30 minutes to reprogram your thought process; however, some people give up too easily.  The human instinct is to go back to the old ways, so be strong and maintain your focus.

Now that you’ve found time, passion and intent, it’s time to hit the mental reset button and clear the clutter.  Just like of the digital devices in our life every once in a while we have to hit the reset button.

Find a botanical garden, nature preserve or your closest park.  Here you will be able to discover nature and the beauty of the reset.  Make it a goal to discover one new place a month and you will see your whole world change in ways you could have never imagined.

Lou Figueroa is an inspirational speaker based out of Southern California.  He speaks nationally to business association, chambers of commerce and corporations. To learn more visit


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