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Losing my Legs
In 2007 I was involved in an accident that would forever change my life. While out with a group of friends in the downtown district of Denver, I encountered a beverage that was laced with an unknown substance experiencing a rapid onset of intoxication. In a daze attempting to gather my composure, I stepped out of the bar and wandered off into the darkness of the night.

Defining Your Dream If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent enough time on this earth to know that working for someone else’s bottom line is a lot easier than taking the risk of being an entrepreneur and living your true passion.  The comfort of healthcare and bi-weekly paychecks is too difficult for most people to give up in order to pursue their dreams.  But what if you knew you couldn’t fail? Would… Read More

Disability or Opportunity by Lou Figueroa Many people see my disability as a disadvantage. As a survivor, it is my role to transform what seemed impossible into the possible. Several years ago I lost both legs in a train accident.  Some would say I have a disability but I don’t feel it.  I golf, travel, cycle, climb, hike, dance and everything else that catches my interests, in addition to my speaking and… Read More